The National Feral Pig Action Plan

Information Hub

Find out more about feral pigs projects taking place across Australia.

This Information Hub has been established to provide a portal for our diverse stakeholders to access details on the many on-ground feral pig management and research activities being conducted around Australia. The Hub also aims to assist with building networks between existing programs and provide opportunities for collaboration, coordination and knowledge sharing to support the implementation of the National Feral Pig Action Plan.

This Hub is being informed by our many consultations with stakeholders to discuss the National Feral Pig Action Plan’s development and the feral pig management programs being conducted.

This is a dynamic Hub – it will be continually updated to include additional programs and to ensure that its content is current. Click on a state or territory of interest below to see the programs (so far) identified by the National Feral Pig Action Plan.

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Please note: authorisation of content for a program is obtained prior to its inclusion into the Hub.

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