The National Feral Pig Action Plan

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Biosecurity on Groote Eylandt- Anindilyakwa Land Council Land and Sea Rangers (ALC Rangers)


Desert Channel Country Pig Shoot- Desert Channels QLD

Recent research into pig-hunting dogs reveals disease risk- University of Sydney

Monitoring feral pig populations on a landscape scale in the Western Downs region using field camera networks- Western Downs Regional Council

Whitsunday Region feral animal aerial control program 2020-21- Whitsunday Regional Council

Feral pig control: the key to turtle nest protection- Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance

Northern Australia

NAILSMA launches the HealthyCountry AI partnership- NAILSMA, CSIRO, APN and Kalan Enterprises

Using remotely piloted aircraft fitted with a thermal camera to detect live and dead feral pigs in Northern Australia- NAQS and Charles Darwin University- Summary

Enhancing surveillance of the northern Australian feral pig population for African swine fever and other high impact pests and diseases- NAQS and Charles Darwin University- Report


Getting on top of a growing feral pig issue in the Far North Channel Country, SA-Arid Lands Landscape Board- January 2022

Closing in on eradication- PIRSA, April 2022


Feral pigs in Tasmania: Flinders Island feral pig program- Tasmania Parks and Wildlife services


Conservation fencing for feral pigs- Mallee Conservation


Environmental damage from feral pigs is increasing in north Kimberley- Kimberley Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC)

Protecting the Scott Coastal Plain (south west WA) from feral pig impacts- Lower Blackwood Vertebrate Pest Management Group and Lower Blackwood LCDC

Community-led, long term feral pig management in South West WA- Lake Muir
Denbarker Community Feral Pig Eradication Group (LMDCFPEG)

Coordinated activities by three Recognised Biosecurity Groups are reducing feral pig populations in the northern agricultural zone in WA- Northern Biosecurity Group, Central Wheatbelt Biosecurity Association and Midlands Biosecurity Group

Aerial pig program controls record number of feral pigs – Northern Biosecurity Group

Coordinated ground and aerial control of feral pigs is steadily reducing their impacts- Midlands Biosecurity Group and Central Wheatbelt Association, April 2022

Animal Welfare

Welfare matters with feral pig control- March 2022

What is relative humaneness and why is it important?- April 2022

Fact sheets, reports and infographics

Download the resources below for more information.

Feral Pigs FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about feral pigs and the Feral Pig Action Plan.

Feral Pigs Fact Sheet

Infographic on feral pig activities, including research & development.

Feral Pigs in Australia

Report produced for the National Feral Pig Management Plan.

Feral Pigs Social Tile

Download this social tile to promote the National Feral Pig Action Plan.

AHC ASF Feral Pig Task Group

Report produced by the AHC African swine fever Feral Pig Task Group.

Impacts to the beef industry

Factsheet to highlight the impact of feral pigs on the beef industry.

Do ewe have a feral pig problem?

Feral pigs can impact sheep production in many ways, find out how?

What's the plan?

What's the plan?

Some information on what the National Feral Pig Action Plan is all about

Do you have feral pigs?

Feral Pigs signs

Some signs to look out for that may indicate feral pigs are around.

Feral pig baiting- options available

Feral Pig Baiting

This document summarises the feral pig baiting options available

Stakeholder Forums

The National Feral Pig Action Plan holds regular stakeholder forums. These virtual forums aim to update stakeholders on the progress of the Plan’s implementation, and presents key issues and activities around Australia on feral pig management. 



Watch the recorded webinars below for more information.

AgForce QLD- The Big Plan to Get Rid of Feral Pigs

23rd September

On 23 September, Dr Heather Channon, NFPAP Management Coordinator, and Zena Ronnfeldt, Dalby producer and NFPAP IC representative, presented this webinar to AgForce members about the Plan, its progress with implementation and steps to consider to run a co-ordinated local feral pig management program.

Collared – Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee
Webinar on strategies to improve feral pig management. Recorded Tuesday 8 September 2020.

"How much are feral pigs impacting your bottom line? "

North West LLS held a webinar on Wednesday 2 February 2022 where they presented actual financial impacts from feral pigs experienced by farmers in the winter and summer 2020/21 cropping periods. This work, commissioned by North West LLS, was conducted by AgEcon.

Feral pig impacts on conservation and food production in Australia

Thursday 25 March 2021 at 2 pm AEDT, the National Feral Pig Action Plan featured on a Landcare Australia as a live webinar hosted by Mick Taylor. A presentation was given by Heather Channon, followed by a discussion accompanied by Troy Crittle of NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Western NSW Pest Chat Webinar Series - Episode 1: Feral Pigs

Webinar recorded Tuesday 1 December 2020. Featuring presentations from well-known experts Darren Marshall (Southern Queensland Landscapes) and Barry Kelly (Gotabug). The presentations cover: how to know if you have feral pigs on your property, how to monitor feral pig population levels for successful control, and cost effective feral pig control.

Western NSW Pest Chat Webinar - Series Episode 3: General Biosecurity Duty and FeralScan use

Webinar recorded Tuesday 9 February 2021. Charles Benson from Western Local Land Services presented on the White Spaces project — a project that outlines the responsibilities of landholders in managing pest animals and what is being done to address landholders that are not participating in pest animal management. Following Charles' presentation, Emma Sawyers from NSW Department of Primary Industries talked about how to use FeralScan and the benefits it provides for landholders and their stakeholders in the fight against pest animals.

The Damage Feral Pigs do to your Hip Pocket

Are you aware of pig damage in your crops or to livestock enterprises, but find it difficult to quantify the extent of the damage, and what that equates to in dollar terms? To answer this question North West Local Land Services have worked with AgEcon to undertake a study that puts figures on the real cost of feral pigs on several different enterprises and to compare control options. Catch up on the webinar held 11 February 2021.

Upcoming Events

2nd Australian Biosecurity Symposium- a decade of biosecurity: turning a moment into a movement

The 2022 Australian Biosecurity Symposium to be held 3-5 May on the Gold Coast, QLD is hosted by Animal Health Australia, the Invasive Species Council, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and Plant Health Australia.

Plant Biosecurity Research Symposium 2022

The 2022 Plan Biosecurity Symposium will be held at the National Wine Centre, Adelaide on the 11-12 May 2022. The two-day symposium, sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, will include a program of plant biosecurity research supported by the PBRI member organisations and delivered by a large range of research teams in Australia. Presentations from industry members, PBRI partner organisations and members of the Biosecurity Extension Community will also be included.

Developing Northern Australia Conference- A Lead on Inclusive Development for the 21st Century

The Developing Northern Australian conference will be held at the Mackay Entertainment & Convention centre, QLD. This platform is for government and industry leaders, researchers and the workforce alike to come together and highlight the challenges, developments, and opportunities of northern Australia. This conference enables strong Indigenous and other important voices from across the north to come together to share stories across diverse themes such as investment, health, defence, workforce and industry development and natural resource management. Early Bird Pricing Ends Friday 20 May 2022

2022 National Landcare Conference- Power of Landcare | Shaping Our Future

The bi-annual event will be held from Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 August 2022, at the International Convention Centre Darling Harbour in Sydney. The conference attracts delegates from around the world, and from rural, regional and urban communities in Australia with a common purpose – a vision to actively restore and protect the environment in their local community through sustainable land management and conservation activities. Speakers will either present in person at the International Convention in Sydney or as a virtual speaker online.

58th Australian Marine Sciences Association Conference- Change and Connections

The 58th annual AMSA Conference will be held in Cairns from 7 - 11 August, 2022. The theme for the conference is “Change and Connections”, emphasising important linkages among environmental, ecological and social systems at a time characterised by rapid change across all these areas.

Pest Animal Management

New South Wales Local Land Services run several regular events to support your Pest Animal Management activities including 1080/Pindone Accreditation. Please refer to the Local Land Services Events page to follow up what events are occurring for your region.

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